Oil & Gas Ballast


ULTIBALLAST Oil and Gas offers high density, controlled ballast solution for construction of offshore oil and gas platforms.


It provides clear advantages to platform designers and site engineers including:

Available in a range of carefully controlled densities from 1.5 – 5.0 tonnes per cubic metre.

Allows precise placement of ballast with minimal access requirements, for improved flexibly and speed within construction schedules and weather windows.

High densities reduced volume requirements maximising usable space.

Produced from on-site mobile batch plants for continuous supply of large volumes of ballast.

Available as a non-stiffened, semi -stiffened or fully stiffened product. The fully stiffened version is a permanent part of the structure or jacket. Both the non-stiffened and lightly stiffened products can be removed, offering a versatile temporary ballast solution.

Non-corrosive with pH 12, protects steel surfaces from condensation and corrosion.

Material composition and performance not affected with emersion or exposure to salt water.

Non-flammable and non-toxic making it safer to install and does not support the growth of micro-organisms.

Stable and provides added impact resistance.

Proven record of use in a range of applications and environments.

A fit and forget ballast solution no maintenance needed.

Produced and installed by our experienced team, throughout the UK and Europe to suit client requirements.

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Our high-density ballast has a proven record of use in a range of marine and offshore applications.

Ultiballast complies with MARPOL and IBC code for use in chemical tanker vessels and is produced and installed by our experienced team, throughout the UK and Europe to suit client requirements and locations.


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