Ballast for ships, marine, turbines and offshore structures


High density, solid and precast marine ballast for ships and offshore ballasting

What is ship ballast – Ultiballast?

Ballast is extra weight added to a ship or structure to keep it balanced in the water. Without marine ballast the vessel or structure would be highly unstable. Before the 1900's ships used solid ballast materials such as rocks and sand, which people had to shovel into and out of cargo holds. Today it is more commonplace to use concrete, iron or water to act as ship ballast. Tarmac has for many years provided ship ballast. Its concrete-based solution Ultiballast can be found in naval and commercial vessels, offshore structures and wind turbine foundations.


History of marine ballast solutions from Tarmac

Ultiballast marine ballast was originally developed and marketed in the USA as BallastCrete® and was widely used by the US Navy and US Coast Guard. Following business acquisition Tarmac took ownership of the BallastCrete® product and further developed the design and composition rebranding it as Ultiballast, part of the Tarmac Ultimate product range.

Ship and marine ballast design

The refinements made in product design and composition recognised the requirements and expectation for compliance not only from a marine design position, but also to include environmental considerations and whole life costs including recycling of Ultiballast at end of use. This approach along with the design improvements of the product allowed Tarmac to successfully enter and secure projects in the shipping, offshore renewable and oil & gas markets.

Tarmac has an enviable track record of working closely with clients, naval architects and design teams in the successful delivery of Ultiballast across a wide variety of ballasting projects.

Ship and marine ballast performance benefits

ULTIBALLAST Ship and Marine ballast - Tried, Tested and Proven


HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier - Aircraft Carrier Alliance & Royal Navy


HMS Prince of Wales Aircraft Carrier - Aircraft Carrier Alliance & Royal Navy


Six Type 45 Destroyers - BAE Surface Fleet & Royal Navy


LiDAR Buoy – Cammel Laird Shipbuilding Ltd/Babcock Wind Energy


Forties Alpha Satellite Platform – Offshore Group & BP


Royal Protection Vessel – Sultan of Brunei & Brunei Royal Navy

Marine ballast design

Ultiballast marine ballast is composed as a pre-blended and mixed combination of water and inorganic, non-toxic, granular ground fines and metals that can be produced in various density ranges to suit client or operational requirements.

During production and placement, the flow and workability compares to that of a traditional ready mixed concrete or cementitious grout. After placement Ultiballast sets to a solid mass.

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Our high-density ballast has a proven record of use in a range of marine and offshore applications.

Ultiballast complies with MARPOL and IBC code for use in chemical tanker vessels and is produced and installed by our experienced team, throughout the UK and Europe to suit client requirements and locations.