Technical information


The technical performance of ULTIBALAST can be engineered to meet ship or structure requirements. It is non-flammable and conforms to MARPOL and the IBC codes for toxicity.


Density Range = 1.5t/m3 up to 5.0 t/m3

Non-Magnetic options available up to 3.6t/m3

Density can be modified during installation.

ULTIBALLAST has been tested to establish a pH 12 rating.

Material strength classes are:

  • Fully Stiffened = 18 – 24N/mm2
  • Semi Stiffened = 12 – 18N/mm2
  • Non Stiffened = 5 – 12N/mm2

The residual moisture is typically less than 10% by weight after consolidation to a semi-solid like mass.

Through the migration of moisture to the surface, Ultiballast will settle into a homogeneous mass, reaching a maximum settlement of 0.3cm per 30cm depth.

Setting times usually between 8 and 12 hours, fully set and material strength achieved after 28 days.

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Our high-density ballast has a proven record of use in a range of marine and offshore applications.

Ultiballast complies with MARPOL and IBC code for use in chemical tanker vessels and is produced and installed by our experienced team, throughout the UK and Europe to suit client requirements and locations.