High Density Precast


High-density pre-cast concrete can be used for ballast weights for ships, windfarms, marine turbines, floating towers, sea defenses, and coastal protection.

Using the option of high density precast units on vessels gives designers, owners and operators the opportunity to have a flexible solution to suit different operating environments and charter arrangements as the precast units can be moved around the deck of the vessel or barge to suit cargo configurations or can fully removed and stored.

Production of precast units for marine structures and floating wind farm towers using high-density concrete offers the opportunity and flexibility of the casting of the precast units to be undertaken local to the project a further benefit is the opportunity to reduce the overall size and footprint of the base units.

Utilising high-density precast in a sea defence or coastal protection project reduces costs, construction time, carbon footprint, and environmental and visual impact.

Ultiballast – High-Density Precast Units can be cast within and up to the following densities range. 1.5t/m3 - 5.0t/m3

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Our high-density ballast has a proven record of use in a range of marine and offshore applications.

Ultiballast complies with MARPOL and IBC code for use in chemical tanker vessels and is produced and installed by our experienced team, throughout the UK and Europe to suit client requirements and locations.